Black Girl’s Guide to Winning at Love & Life (Retitled 2nd Ed.)

Using what she calls the FIVE B’S for Becoming a Better Black Woman, Small rescues single sisters from dating doom by outlining the emotional and psychological challenges that they must overcome to be at their best. Like the strictest drill sergeant or tough love sister-friend, the author coaches black women on how to:

• Overcome angry black woman BIAS
• Fight BRAINWASHING indoctrination
• Maximize BEAUTY as a strategic asset
• Release and unload emotional BAGGAGE
• Be BETTER mentally, physically and emotionally

Best described as a relationship boot-camp guide for getting yours, the book is equal parts as funny as it is infuriating. Black Girl’s Guide to Winning at Love & Life successfully gives black women the one thing they need: strategies for winning at love, life and everything in-between.

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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